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We Went Off-Grid & Started Growing Our Own Food

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

We have started growing our own food from seed, collecting all of our own water from a Spring, & have aligned our behaviors with Morality (Nature’s Law). This is what we've learned so far.

These changes we have decided to make have led us to less suffering, and we will never go back to our “old” way of doing things. We are super Grateful we decided to take the leap into simple living and go back to the basics living with Mother Earth! Of course, like any change it has it’s ups & downs but the positives outweigh the negatives by far! We quieted the Ego and stuck with it. We decided to do this because we felt an extreme urge to start detaching from the System & all the ‘comforts’ that we have become domesticated by. We also wanted to know where our food was coming from.

We are living proof that you can not only survive but thrive doing things on your own! Because of the situation we are facing today our humanity is splitting. There are many people that are starting to realize they must start to learn how to take care of themselves. We cannot depend on the System for our needs. We are becoming Self-Sufficient, and it is so much more enjoyable than we ever expected. Let’s come together to share this paradise on earth with each other! Let’s Starve the System! Let’s share food and live-in abundance, not scarcirty. No one needs to starve, nature provides for us all! There is plenty. “Minimizing our consumption is the way to decrease the contribution to the system Every day!” Dsl Automatic. We must take responsibility for ourselves!

Solar Energy is Efficient

We have been Powering our Home with the Energy from the Sun with our Solar Panels and are now living full time Off the Grid. We have 1 Renogy Solar Panel (100W) Set up to our Trailer Home with a Battery & 1 Renogy Solar Panel (100W) Set to charge our Portable Power Station.

If you don’t need a ton of energy, you can live off the Free Energy from the Sun. It is very easy and affordable! Our Home is set up with a Renogy Solar Panel (100W), which charges our Batteries. We also run our business efficiently and smoothly with the simplicity of powering everything on our own! This Self Sufficient way of living has improved our quality of life. We have gained knowledge that we never had before so we can learn how to take care of all our needs.

Food is Abundant, Fresh & Free~

Other than the cost of the seeds, growing your own food is rather cost free! Coming from no background what so ever gardening is very simple & definitely worth it! It just takes time, sun, water & tilled nutritious soil. We were so amazed at the amount of food we were able to harvest!

There is so much food, it feels like it is coming out of your ears! So much abundance is available to us that you can store extra food, give it to friends, or just pass it along to people you meet.

When we were shopping at the store we found we would get a few vegetables at a time, but when you grow your own veggies, you get dozens!

Also, at the store our food is usually picked several miles away, put in plastic containers or bags, and then finally sent to the store. We do not realize as a society that our food becomes nutrition less because it has been sitting for so long. “To give just one example, most vegetables diminish as much as one-third during the first hour after picking.” -Bradford Angier-

When you grow your own food you get to walk outside your Home and pick it and eat it right away!

You can be sure you are now getting 100% Nutrition!

Get connected back with the Earth today! You won't be sorry!! SO much Abundance!

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