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​LUVALUTION (LOVE-AH-LUTION) is a family owned and operated business from Maine, USA. 

We are very passionate about health and well being. So much that we were called to create our own Daily Multi-Vitamin & Mineral. We were inspired to share with everybody including women, men & children. This Specific SEA MOSS Alkaline TRIO was created by Doctor Sebi from his many years of research. Personally for us, we are enjoying this wonderful blend everyday! We are so grateful and honored to be sharing such an amazing ALL-IN-ONE Superfood with the  rest of the world. Let's face it, most of us don't get all of our daily Vitamins & Minerals that we need! Now, All the proper nutrition you need to thrive is in a convenient capsule! Jazz it up and open the capsules to add the SEA MOSS Blend into your Smoothies, Pastas, Salads, Soups, Dips...this adds an amazing ocean flavor! Our Superfood is created in a FDA registered facility and a GMP certified facility in the USA. Each Ingredient is collected in it's purest natural form.  Lastly, a 3rd party in the lab always tests for impurities; ensuring our supplements are safe! We are a Brand you can Trust 100%!

Here's to YOU and YOUR Health! And Beyond!

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LUVALUTION isn't only a brand, LUVALUTION is much more. LUVALUTION is a way of Life. It is the  Movement of Self-Awareness & Self-Luv. It is taking a deeper look into our beings and healing our wounds and forgiving ourselves. It is about Remembering Who We Truly Are, Following our Souls.  Our Planet Can Change Drastically, even Overnight if we connect our Soul, Body & Mind. LUVALUTION is the Solution! In a World So Fake it is our Moral Obligation & duty to Speak the Truth!

    💜Know Thyself 💜Luv thyself 💜Luv each other💜



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Your Friends,

Amy,John Paul





Petunia (aka "tooty")


Opal (aka "Pol")


In a world so fake it is our duty to speak the truth! 🌎🦋

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