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From the Comfortable 🐛 2 the Balanced 🦋

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Becoming the Balanced Butterfly from the Comfortable Caterpillar is no Easy task. It's doing the inner shadow work,healing childhood traumas, connecting with your higher self. The Caterpillars comforts, arrest it's evolutionary process.

Many of our Higher Selves have called us to be a part of this great tranformation, but will the vast majority of humanity ignore the call to Become the Butterfly? We are being called to grow up and to learn the objective truths that have been hidden from us. We are being called to learn that the real truth and the real universe lies within each and everyone of us. We are not here by concidence or accident. We are not here to become a slave, or a robot. We came here to learn, grow and evolve.

Truth does exist. There is a truth to everything. Truth simple means, what is & what is taking place, has taken place and what will continue to take place.

When we stay in ignorance, we will always remain the comfortable caterpilar.

Doing the right thing is not easy, and in most cases at first can be extremely hard to adjust to. Doing the wrong thing is easy. Apathy (not caring) and Ignorance only brings about more chaos and bondage. This is why correctly informing humanity is facing choas and confusion is so important. Growth does not happen when we stay comfortable doing the things we've always done. Growth happens when we question, discern & align our behaviors and habits with nature's laws.

We align with Truth by taking in the right and correct information necessary to grow and evolve. By developing a deep understanding we can then share what we know; because it is with true care that we share. To know and not share, is to not know (useless information).

Sharing Truth with our brothers and sisters is a gift of LUV and only helps make a better world for us all. Never be afraid to share the truth, because using our voices is the most powerful Tool we have.

Being scared and silent is how they control us; we choose to be Loud and Brave. The LUV for truth is the highest LUV in the Universe! The Truth still remains the Truth, even if other's cannot hear it.

“Through your awakening, you awaken others.” Solara An Ra

It takes a conscious choice from each of us to recognize patterns within ourselves (microcosm) and in our enviroment (macrocosm). It takes curiosity to want to know what is going on around us.

It takes many years of inner work and research to comprehend what is really taking place here on the Planet. But it can be done and can be known.

It takes discipline to take in the true information we need, in order to have a complete picture and understanding of our World. Here is a slide that shows how our shared reality is built. It is with Knoweldge, Understanding, and Wisdom that creates our reality. This isn't new information but lost and hidden knowledge.

This chart simply shows us how important it is that we take in the right knoweldge so we can make informed desicions, thus choosing right action behavoirs. Therefore, we are able to creare order and freedom! However, as you can see if we have a lack of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom then we create choas and suffering; which we are experiencing as a whole right now.

When we are taking in Knowledge, it is our duty to look at all sides of the story, which we are being told- because there is no negative information - it is just information. Yes, it maybe unpleasant at times when we look into the darkness of our World, but all learning is positive and helps us along our journey. We must remember becoming the butterfly takes patience with true LUV in order to listen to others share their expierences. We then use our own discernment to make sense of it then we can make a conscious descion of our own.

Then it is with true care and moral obligation to share what is taking place here on the Earth. This is called Wisdom. This is when we have a true understanding of the Human Condition and the problems we are facing. There are true, forever lasting solutions in the chaos and suffering on this planet. It isn't mysterious and it can be known and understood. When we become the buttefly we make sacrafices and we start teaching the Objective Truth that can only help people thrive! When we align our behavoirs with Truth we will see Freedom in our Reality! This is true care, turning our Understanding into Wisdom.

This is what it takes to become the butterfly. This is our shared mission as a human race - to share truth so we can wake up humanity to the evil that is omnipotent in our world . As a butterfly we take full responsibility for our own mental,emontial, physical,and spiritual development. The Caterpillar blindly accepts institutions narratives without question This chart below is called the Trivium. It teaches us How to think, not what to think. This is very important. 1st we take in the Knoweldge (The Who, What, When & Where). Then we process the information, which enable us to learn the Why, the reason, meaning or purpose. Then the Last part of the Trivium is Output. This is where we see positive change in our reality, when we share what we know. Because if we have true knoweldge and do not share, it's useless knoweldge.

As a catepillar all of these things are being done for us by the main stream media. With a click of a button we are being fed a false reality, because everything has been inverted. This is how the controllers of this world control us.

They control us by controlling the information we take in, with Censorship in the Schools, Churches, Governments, Institutions, etc... Therefore our behavoirs are controlled, because we behave according to the information we have taken in. We didn't ask the When, What, Where, Who for ourselves. We didn't take in the right information. We only took in the disinformation, we were told by the paid liars (Main Stream Media). We then blindly accepted it and lived our lives according to this infromation. But this information has been controllled and censored. We then can't understand the Why or the How. Thus, we do not make informed decisions in our lives and we cannot teach others what is truly happening around us. Therefore, nothing changes.

But when we become the butterfly, we have taken in the correct knoweldge and we start to integrate our new percieved reality that is aligned with Truth. We start morphing into something new. To live our own lives. To make our own decisions. To align with Objective Morality & Truth. To stand in our soverignty.

The butterfly becomes the spiritual anarchist!

It is within the individual that we make a conscious decision that will change our lives forever.

We decide to turn 180 degrees from the system because we have woken up. We are becoming a beautiful fearless butterfly! It is worth the challenge and is far more enjoyable than being a comfortable catepillar! We are heading towards a world of truth when we are courageous enough to see we are now evolving into a new species!

The controllers of this world want us to stay the Comforable Caterpillar, so they can continue to enslave us. Become the Balanced Butterfly, Free Yourself & Free Humanity!


But what will we choose?

”You’ve got to be like a butterfly and have a metamorphosis.” – Mike Markkula

“Freedom isn’t what we’re looking for. It’s what we already are deep inside.” LonerWolf

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly.” — Richard Bach

”If nothing ever changed, there would be no such things as butterflies.” – Wendy Mass

“A butterfly symbolized acceptance of each new phase in life. To keep faith as everything around you changed.” – Lisa Kleypas

“When, within our souls and psyches we are made aware of a safe but insistent drum beat, repeated like butterfly wings in motion, we sense the message…that our inner self has begun its search for freedom.” – Mary Meeker

“So many people are only willing to touch the surface levels of life. They are afraid to awaken to the truth. Staying limited to only what they know rather than what they are capable of. Becoming trapped in a state of fear and ego. Ignoring their intuitive compass. A spiritual breakthrough is the only way to connect to your higher-self and experience a truly authentic life.” Anonymous

*Informative Spiritual Anarchist, Trivium, How our Reality is Created Slides - Made by Mark Passio

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