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Together We Can Get Back to Our True Vibration of Luv!

❤️Become Who You Were Before the World Told You TO BE!❤️

 Self-Luv Healing Sessions:

❤️You Will Learn Occulted Knowledge And How to Apply Hermetic Principles To Your Life - You Will Have the Tools to Become the Master Artist of Your Life

❤️We will Guide You Back To Yourself : Mind, Body & Spirit
You Will Learn How to Luv Yourself Deeply

❤️You Will Learn How to Balance your Masculine & Feminine Energies, Thus You Can Live in Harmony with Yourself - Ending the War Within

❤️We will Guide you towards Healthy Eating - Thriving and Feeling Your Best

❤️Will will Discuss and Assist to Align Your Behaviors with Natural Law and Therefore Live in Harmony & Alignment with your Higher Self!

❤️We Will Assist You with Support and Luving Care - You will have the complete-space-to Face Your Fears. One by One.

❤️We will Help to Identify Negative Emotions & Triggers and Guide You Foward with Compassion and Self-Luv.

❤️Together We will Help to Set Healthy Boundaries and Your Relationships will Flourish!g 2

❤️We will Share Information about our Reality We Share and How our Awareness of the Truth can help us live our Best Authentic lives!

❤️You Will have a Full Understanding about the Language of the Body and How to Heal any Illness or Disease!

❤️We will Guide You as Conscious Parents (If you have children) and you will Learn How to Live In Harmony With Your Children!

❤️You Will Overstand and Understand the Real Law of Attraction: Natural Law and You will Know How to Apply it to Your Life!


After a huge expansion of Consciousness in 2008.  JohnPaul was on a Quest for Truth, which led him to the realization that self-luv was the Answer to end all our ancestral conditioning. 


The LUVALUTION was Born. 


His passion is to assist his brothers and sisters in becoming their truest selves. 


Through  Care, Truth and Self-Luv he conveys this message with compassion and a myriad of experience.

At a young age Amy was very connected to the Spiritual Realms. An intuitive Empath she was aware of the energies around her. Nature was indeed one of her greatest teachers. Connecting to her higher self with music and alone time she started questioning her surroundings at a young age. Then around 2017, before the birth of her son she stumbled down a Rabbit Hole of Occult Knowledge. There was no turning back.


With the Information she was learning & processing she began aligning her behaviors with Right-Lively Hood and following her Soul.  The Truth helped the healing began. She finally could love herself truly

Amy Empowers other Individuals so they can awaken to their own Self Awareness and Heal with Truth & Unconditional Love that is always available to us. 



Are You Ready to Discover the Truth And Start Your Self-Luv Healing Journey?


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