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Consumerism has no Soul

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Consumerism has caused so much harm and suffering to this planet and all the life that lives on it.

The Ego loves shopping

This Beautiful Bountiful Planet and all the animals that use it are Suffering Greatly.

This Truth is not pretty, but it still remains the truth. The belief that we are here to shop and consume is a big lie that many people have believed. WE have been taught to consume since we were little kids. Is the reason we are here is to shop? Hmmm... This picture shows it all. This little girl is being programmed to become a consumer loving ingenuine mom for life.

The pressure to buy and consume is heavy and for a reason too. It makes us never know who we are. We feel "empty" if we aren't buying something (including food)!

Our program is Work, Buy, Consume, Die. The Reason we are here has been neglected and erased from our people. Sadly, we live in a throw away society. We throw away perfectly good furniture, clothes, & food everyday. While other's have nothing. Some of our people's needs aren't even met on this beautiful bountiful planet. This has happened because we haven't cared enough about each other to stand up to the system. If we all cared for each other this would have never happened. Obviously this system isn't working and our world is crumbling. We need to come back together. We need to truly LUV thy Neighbor.

Also tied to Consumerism is the belief in Money. The belief in money is another lie many cannot imagine a life without. Why can't they? Because they have no imagination, it has been squashed...driven out of us. "It's just the way it is..." many will say.

Money has caused a lot of suffering to the planet and all the life here. Since we can buy anything and everything, anytime anywhere many immoral acts are made with money. And unfortunately it drives all of our behaviors and is the #1 religion. Religion simply means hold one back from forward progress. We will do anything for money. We worship Money. We do not even know how to feed ourselves, because we use money to buy our food. This is insane, when we are supposed to be the smartest species, yet we are the only species that pays to eat. We have forgotten Mother Earth and the bountiful planet that has the food and medicine we all need. We just need to care for her. Unfortunately, we were too busy making money to buys things we don't need. But we cannot eat Money. Thus we now lack all the skills we need to survive in nature. Many children now think Food comes from the store. When food comes from the land. They never grow anything to eat....thus we have become disconnected. We must change this and connect back to the Earth, all of our true mother that provides for us all.

So, ......Why are we never satisfied with consuming? Because, we are really here to connect with ourselves and Mother Earth. We are here to learn to have respect for all life. We have not treated this Earth as a sacred being that needs to be protected and taken care of. The rivers, lakes, oceans and land are covered with trash & full of pollution because of our desires and wants. When really it lead us all into further suffering. When we are outside in nature however, we don't need to shop. We don't need to consume. Why? Because we are back home in Nature. We fill our cups and we are happy and whole, feeling once again connected to everything.

Consumerism has no soul. Why is this the title for this blog?

Because we weren't taught to know ourselves. We weren't taught to know our souls. We were taught we don't even have souls. We have been manipulated and lead down an EGO frenzy that the system wants us to feed. The system wants us to buy, work, consume, die. Our purpose here for many is lost because we buy into the lie that we are here to consume. We believe in Money as well, so the belief in Money becomes our religion and becomes the only reason we stay motivated. We become big consumers and we want more and more and more. We become wrapped in the big lie that we are our stuff. We compare our stuff with people online, in person, wherever we can. We think we are our stuff. We identify with the things we buy. We follow trends... We only care about ourselves, we have been manipulated into mini-Satanists---only concerned with ourselves/families, not concerned with other life (human or animal). We lack the responsibility that we all should have as a priority. We are being programmed to want to fit in with new 'trends' and we always want "new" stuff. We are constantly looking for things outside ourselves to make us feel happy. We've forgotten who we ARE. When we consume and buy things most often we are causing harmful consequence. We live in a throw away society. We are driven by others on TV or people we don't even know and we want to have what they have. We have lived outside in our Ego. We have not lived in our infinite boundless inner self, we have lived in the limited Material Bound Consciousness. We have only lived in our 5 senses, comparing ourselves to what everyone else has. BUT we have our uniqueness, no one is exactly the same as you.

We have a sense of longing and we have a sense of emptiness in us because we have lived soullessly in a material world. The EGO says' I'll be happy when or if, I have this or get that. The Soul says' I'm happy in the here and now and everything I need will Manifest in divine order". Lessen your Consumption for the Greater good of Humanity and this beautiful Planet. All the life here is sacred and needs to be taken care of. We must make a change. It starts with you!

If the Native people were still caring for Mother Earth, consumerism would of never been started. They knew that we needed to take care of Mother Earth for the future generations that are going to live here. "To the Hopi People if you are not connected spiritually to the earth you will not make it." - Floyd Red Crow




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