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Saying No to Evil Starts with You

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Knowing we are Infinite Awareness having a Human experience is extremely important & this knoweldge can help us stand up for ourselves in a time where tyranny, genocide & masked mind control is upon us

What has happened to Humanity? Well, A lot has happened to our Human Family. But unfortunately, none of it has been for our own good, like they have told us. Humanity is being pushed down a dark road. If we do not say “NO” to the AI takeover, the level of enslavement can only worsen. The excuse that there is a virus on the loose, has pushed their agenda along just as planned. There is no virus! The real virus is that of the mind. They are lying to us all. They renamed the Flu, paid off doctors & nurses, paid hospitals to lie, used a false test & spread fear with the propoganda. The controllers of our world do not miss a beat. We are unfortunately very gullable & under heavy mind control.

We have allowed Our Children to be introduced to an AI online world. We have never experienced this before & there are many reasons why this AI nightmare isn't for our benefit. This is all part of the agenda, not for our safety or health. The fake virus is an excuse for more draconian control on the Human Population. Their tactics are well thought out & planned. This is by no means random. "Know the outcome & You Shall see the journey".David Icke

The Time to Choose IS NOW: Are we going to be a part of their experiement? The Brainwashing is stronger than ever, will we break free and wake up?

If we want Freedom we must say NO to the mandates, to the Tyranny. If we comply we will only see more restrictions & more control. The easirer the population is to control the better..We must not forget our Power and our Will. We must not repeat history. We must connect with our Souls if we want to steer the ship around.

What we do matters and what we say matters for all future generations to come. They want you and I to think we can’t change anything. They want us to feel powerless, but we must not let them. We have the right to say NO to evil! We must not comply. We must not accept the Control because it will only get worse.

We must stand up for ourselves and our children. And we must before it is too late. What you see taking place in the world isn’t a coincidence like they want us to believe, it’s a long thought-out Plan. Sorry you were not informed of the plan, but the plan is exterminate and enslave us all.

What if we told you, your Mind has been hijacked? Many of us have believed everything we are told without Questioning. Your ideas aren’t your own anymore, we are being manipulated 24/7.

We are only heading into further Hell on Earth as we can see. Ignorance is not Bliss; it will only cause more suffering for all. The Blind are leading the Blind.

It’s time we as Adults Grow Up and Stand up for Freedom for Humanity and all the Future Generations to come. It’s not about Me, Me, Me, anymore, those days must go if we want to see Freedom for All!!!! We must be honest with our Human Family & Express our Concerns & Sort this all out because there is so much wrong going on. We may offend people, that is ok. The truth still remains the truth, no matter if others want to hear it or not.

Throughout this ‘Plandemic’ The Preventative Measures that have taken over our Society have not been implanted to keep us safe, rather to destroy us. Destroy what you ask? Well….our Freedoms, our Connection to others, our Connection to ourselves, Destroy our Social Interaction, our Self-Respect, Destroy our Health, Destroy our Children’s Health & Freedoms, the list keeps going…We have complied with evil because we have followed orders our whole lives. We have been indoctrinated to Obey. Obedience over everything.

But we must allow our children to be the free thinkers that they are! We must teach allow them to freely ask questions!

Unfortunately, many have been led even further into a tight Mind Control grab with the Lies they have believed to be true.

There are lies that are fed to us every day. Perception is everything and folks ours has been hijacked. What you think creates your Reality. And what you think dictates your behaviors. The Media has been one of the biggest tools for this severe Mind Control. This is the reason why so many people are scared to death. Literally. Fear is what sells & Fear is what is pushed on us 24/7. It is time we shut this Mind Control device down if we want to see Freedom on this planet for ourselves & our children. It’s time we take back what was ours all along! No one is Free until we are all Free!! We have had enough & we won't take it anymore!!!!!! Truth, LUV, & Freedom for all!! That's what it's all about! We need a LUV-a-LUTION not a fear-a-lution. KNOW THYSELF 2 LUV THYSELF. LUV to ALL!

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