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"Excellent super food blend with Irish Sea Moss/Bladderwrack/Burdock Root. Excellent detox and immune support and really good if you’re working out for good energy and recovery. Perfect/less expensive source for Bladderwrack and Irish Sea Moss which are good for everything - plus tons of vitamins and minerals- all benefits. Keeps the whole system clean and feeling good. I Take this every day and can actually feel the difference- clear head, energized and some extra strength and focus if I’m surfing or at the gym. Definitely worth trying

***Update: Still taking the capsules and honestly feeling great. Helped get me back into a workout routine, seems to help with surfing- better energy levels/longer sessions and think I discovered this stuff is amazing for hangovers. After a few (socially-distanced) events and 4th of July- woke up feeling 100% fine every time which never typically happens. I reached started following their FB to tell them I love this stuff and their customer service dept. is great"

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"My husband and I are always trying new supplements for energy because many of them really do work. This is actually the best one we have found. For me, my skins glows and my hair feels fuller. But more importantly, we both have been feeling more energized and ready for the day.

We have 3 kids so Luvalution's Superfood has become the much-needed boost of long-lasting natural energy we needed in our lives. Seriously thank you, to Luvalution!"

Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack & Burdock (

"I love this supplement! I am just starting my second month on it. I didn’t notice anything for about 2 weeks but after that my skin got sooo soft, my face has been clearing up and overall I just feel good, have energy and haven’t been wanting to eat as much. I’m excited to see what month 2 on it brings! Highly recommend! But give yourself 2 weeks to notice results."

"What I like and what was unexpected was the boost in energy. I take 2 capsules with my breakfast (4am) and I'm energetic throughout my work day (130pm). I also noticed a little less joint stiffness in the morning."

"Took this everyday, saw a noticeable difference in my energy levels and in my hair.

I had been losing hair after child birth and this improved the thickness and over

all made me feel better physically."


"Easy to swallow. Lots of vitamins. 

Gives me energy. I will be purchasing again."

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Heading 2

"I honestly like it. I can tell a major difference when I don't take them."

"I've been using this product for almost a month now and I absolutely love it❤️ I not only have more energy but I feel great 😊"

"I love this supplement!!!
My hair and skin feel super healthy. Energy level amazing."

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"Been taking this product first thing in the morning for the last 2 days and I am feeling a noticeable difference. I have been getting rid of so much mucus that has been trapped in my body as well as having more Energy! Not as much joint pain throughout the day. Will recommend this product!"


"This stuff is amazing, it helps with everything. Great to boost the immune system etc. my memory has also gotten better. Those who are purchasing for the first time, be sure to take these everyday as it says. I feel like it has worked fully for me after 30 days. Also another plus is that it has no side effects. I highly recommend! I'm on my second bottle now! My boyfriend is on his 3rd! Health is wealth! Be safe everyone!"


LUV Yourself

to Health!


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