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Is there a Right? Is there a Wrong?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

........."Each to their Own."

.........."Everyone is Different."

........."That is Just how they Do It."

............."Whatever Floats your Boat."

But, what if we told you......we actually DO not have the Right to decide WHAT is Right and WHAT is Wrong? This is not new information you are reading, just lost information. Let us first define a Right. A right is an action that does not cause physical harm to others (sentient beings). There are Right Actions (Actions that do not cause Harm) and there are Wrong Actions (Actions that do cause Harm). How many of us truly know what a right is? Do we know our rights are being stripped away from us everyday?

There is an objective TRUTH inherent in the Universe that we have not been taught as a Society. This has been hidden from us for centuries! With this knowledge we can choose to change our behaviors accordingly. The system is about profits not objective Truth. Our behaviors (actions) DO have consequences when we HARM others. The manifestation is Chaos all around us, because we have been taught it is OK to harm other beings! There is so much Harm being done on this planet! And we are all suffering as a whole from those Actions every single day. This is the Real Law of Attraction. The Human Race is NOT in Harmony, we are currently Divided. However, we are all equal, it is necessary to teach cooperation over competition, or Eco-system over the Ego-system. We do not stand above or below others (including animals). We may have different looking bodies & minds, but we are all interconnected energy. Everything is Energy, thus no separation. There is One Law in the Universe: Do unto others as you'd have done onto you (yes, including Animals)!

Knowing Natural Law Principles is the conscious decision within the individual to align ones behavior with moral right action (Doing no harm). Have you ever heard of Natural Law? Also called Nature's Law,God's Law,Land's Law,Moral Law,Karmic Law,Common Law,Reality Law, Cosmic Law or Universal Law...They have hidden this fundamental truth from us. Natural Law is a body of universal,inherent,un-muteable and binding laws within Nature that governs the consequence of human behavior & consciousness. This is Common Sense! As long as we are not Harming anything, anything is Lawful!

Many people believe they get to make up what is Right and what is Wrong. This is not True. This is the underlying lie which all other lies are built. It is making the claim that truth is not knowable or something to be discovered. If we are victim to this ideology, we think we can make up truth as we go along. This is called Moral Relativism when we believe we can make up what is Right and what is Wrong.

So, how did we get so lost? How did we get so far from Morals & Principles? Because our society conditioned us to live in separation (ego consciousness). What's right for me and mine, is all that matters in most minds. We have been Socially Engineered and conditioned for centuries to live this way. The phrase "DIVIDED WE FALL, UNITED WE STAND" couldn't be more relevant today. We have lost touch with ourselves and our true Unity & Harmony Consciousness, we all share. Have we not looked at the causal factors of all this Suffering? Why are we all suffering? Because we have allowed all of this to take place!

Good News is, we have the chance to turn our ship around. If we can align ourselves with Truth & Mortality, we can stop this Violence & Injustice! We are here to remind our Communities about these hidden truths. Especially, our Children.....they need to know the difference between what is a Right and what is a Wrong. Without this knowledge our human experience is going to be full of suffering. We've had the Power all along! We can decide with our freewill at any time not to live in FEAR & LIES, we can choose KNOWLEDGE, TRUTH & LUV.

For instance, because of Culture, Upbringing & Habits many People are still consuming dead animal flesh on a regular basis. We do not realize that we are harming animals as well as ourselves. Today, many of us see animals as food or commodity, we haven't made the connection these sentient beings don't want to be killed or harmed. Just as you or I wouldn't want the same. Most people who eat animals love their pets and wild animals and would never imagine killing them to eat for dinner. So, why do people eat beings they love? Simple, mind controlled perception. We have been programmed to believe that we need to eat animals for protein. This couldn't be further from the truth. This lie has caused TRILLIONS of animals to be senselessly murdered. A big Male gorilla is one of the strongest animals in the world and they eat mainly vegetation.

Did you know that Animals are Sentient Beings? What does that mean?

It means these are beings that can feel pain and do not want to suffer. If you think about it .....does the Pig run away when you come after him/her with a Knife? And what about the Carrot....? Does it run away from you when you are coming after it with a knife? You can tell there is definitely a difference between the two!

We do not have the Right and never did have the Right to take the lives of others because we think it is ok and just. We do not make up what is a Right Action & what is a Wrong Action. Does killing a sentient being cause Harm? Think about that for a minute. It sure does. Did you know that more than 200 million animals are killed for food around the world every day – just on land. Including wild-caught and farmed fishes, we get a total closer to 3 billion animals killed daily. That comes out to 72 billion land animals and over 1.2 trillion aquatic animals killed for food around the world every year.

If you haven't watched Earthlings on You-tube, you need to become aware of the reality of this Harm so you can align your actions with Morality. Your life will change for the better!

We have been born into a system that does everything in it's power to hide this information from us...Knowledge is Power. If we know True Knowledge we would know ourselves, then we would say NO MORE. Information that is hidden from the public is called Occult Knowledge (Occult simply means 'Hidden" in latin). But this is so Important to Know, because then we would say NO to playing out the constant harm done onto others. The most important word in the Universe is No. Our rights are being taken away from us as a Society Every Single Day. We are heading down a road of Extinction or Artificial Intelligence. Let's say No More to the harm that is being done. We must take Action. This is not going to go away if we do nothing. It will continue and it will get much, much worse. Standing up for our rights has got to be our goal as a Society first and foremost, we must not accept what is the plan for the human race.

We would like to say Thank you to the One Great Work - (Mark Passio and his team), for guiding us to this Truth. Mark has been researching / teaching Occult Knowledge for 20 years. He teaches Humanity Laws that govern our behaviors, Spirituality, & much more. If you haven't heard about these Laws inherent in the Universe (invisible - found in the spiritual realms) Check out the One-Great-Work out on the web-page (what on earth is happening) for more information.

It will only lead you to less suffering.

Another Law in the Universe that ties to the Do no Harm Law is the Law of Freedom. And this states 'The more A Society does Right Doings, The more A Society is Free.' In other words the more Immoral behaviors (wrong doings) in a Society the more enslaved a Society is.

The more Moral (right doings) a society is, the more Free a society is.

Let's face it we are NOT Free as a Society, because we live in a Society where there are many more Wrong Doings (Which cause harm) than Right Doings (Which do not cause Harm). There is Harm being done all the time on this Planet if we are honest with ourselves. WE are living in Hell-On-Earth. Millions of Children go missing Every Year, People are dying of Starvation, More & More Money is funded for Wars, Billions of Animals are slaughtered Each Year....We are in a state of Choas!

Let us have Morals and Principles at the top of our Priorities..

WE do Have the CHOICE!

Let us Unite and Be Free!

This can be a beautiful experience for Everyone.

Let's Live in Harmony and Unity with Care for ALL Life!




This is the LUVALUTION!!!

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