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EGO or SOUL? Which is Driving?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Have you ever heard of an Ego and a Soul?

As a Human Being I have both! Unfortunately, most of the time the Ego is Leading the show. However, if I choose to become Aware of who is leading the show I can make the shift of Power from the Ego to the Soul (From External to Internal). This is where the Magic is!

So........... "Who is leading your Show?"

EGO (The Masculine Principle)

The Ego is established through both Innate & Acquired Programs. The Innate Program however, is the Lesser of the two and is found in our DNA. The Acquired Program is established by values, everyday routines, faiths, and most importantly all of my habits. This makes up my Ego! Therefore, the Ego is mostly based on what I have taken in from my environment which has been accumulating over time since birth. If I identify with my Ego I am sure to Identify with all my Labels. These include but are not limited to... My Sex, My Color, My Age, My Job, My Pets, My Income, My Role, My Weight, My Family, My Children, My Religion, My Politic Party, My Hobbies....and the list goes on and on. This is who I think I am. But I am not a can! I am not labels! This isn't who I really Am! In Fact, almost everything you can see was created from the Ego. The Ego is heavily defined through Success, Power, Strength, Titles, Reputation, and Achievements, making me worse/better than others.

The Ego is the part of us that enjoys separation and also lives for competition. The Big Fish eats the Little Fish. The Ego is always looking for a good fight, it loves to attack others as well as defend itself. The Ego is all about the survival program as well as making sure it has a security. As long as Me and Mine are OK, screw everyone else (Humanity family). It wants to feel more Superior/Dominant than Others. However, we are not separated! This is one of the greatest illusions of all! The Ego is a False Leader. The Ego is the voice inside us that is always saying "You aren't Good Enough"..."You don't have enough"..."What are they going to say"....bringing about constant negativity and doubt. The EGO is extremely loud and wants things FAST! It is always looking for a quick fix! The Ego always has expectations and wants results. The Ego is the part of us that is never satisfied and strives to acquire more, it is also scared to death of loosing something it already has. The Ego feeds off desires, and ties us to objects or people. It demands and insists that it's desires are satisfied and met at all times with addictions such as but not limited to Sex, Food, Alcohol, the List goes on....still no matter what though the Ego always dies in the end, because exhausted the Ego can never fulfill all of it's desires. The Ego is Mortal. If the Ego is leading our bodies we will never be able to live in internal harmony and peace.

The SOUL (The Feminine Principle)

The Soul has been deep within matter since the beginning of time! Buried deep within ourselves behind the heart chakra the soul lives unreachable from the Outside World. In all life this energy is. The soul is the part of us that is Immortal unlike the Ego and continues on for eternity having different experiences. This transition from Ego to Soul is extremely hard but the Soul gets stronger and stronger the more we quiet our Egos. The more we dissolve our Egos and have resistance to the Ego the Soul Sings. We start to say NO to the Ego and it's needs which will help the progress. This is an everyday battle, DE-programming ourselves and removing our calcified Ego. It will kick, scream and cry like a baby. But this is the Great Work (Inner-Self Work) and is why we are here! To connect with our Soul! Remember, the soul has no needs! We have been born into a world where the Ego is who we are, but who we really are is so far from what we've been taught. It is a gift to re-discover the True "I". It is/was with us all along. Finally, I make the choice to stop blindly filling all of my desires of satisfaction so I can give my Ego less and less power. The more I can quiet my Emotional, Mental & Physical Bodies the more I can listen to what my Soul tells me.

How will I know if my Soul is speaking to me? The Soul is quiet, patient, and doesn't make noise. It is more like a feeling. A feeling of Knowing (intuition). You can feel when your Soul is speaking to you. The Soul has access to the world of truth, unlike the Ego that lives in the world of illusion. My soul is the only part of me that can tell lies from truth. The soul automatically can detect what is unjust and behaves accordingly. If the Soul's voice is the dominated one, one would never kill or steal. In order to become good friends with our Soul we need to quiet all the distractions.

This means getting off Facebook, Instagram and all Social Media Platforms, quieting our Emotions and thoughts and sitting with ourselves. This requires demanding the body to become Immobile. This will be very hard because our bodies insist in doing the same actions they have always done. We are literally running off a program. When traumas come up we need to face and heal them so we can get the layers of baggage off of us.

The more I practice this the more I can hear my Soul. Unlike the Ego that says "I'll be happy when...." the Soul lives in the now... The Soul makes peace with the Now. When we follow our Soul we know that everything we do is leading us into the right direction. Even when we are in Fear, we still make decisions from the Soul's direction. We start having more and more Faith in the process and less and less doubt or fear in ourselves! We start to trust the process. We become friends with the unknown.


The Transformation of Power from Ego to Soul is not an easy one. But it is a necessary one if you want to become who you really are! First, the decision needs to be made in order for this transfer of Power to start taking place from External Authorities to Internal Authority. We are the most powerful authority and we are Sovereign Beings. True Unity is Internal! Outside Circumstances no longer dictate my internal happiness! I live in true Peace and Harmony. Once the Soul is steering the ship we must take action and listen to our Soul without fear of the consequences. For example, when we don't like our job and are fearful to leave BUT know we should we are not listening to our Soul. We are listening to the Ego.

So, which is it that is steering your ship? Interesting Question to Ponder...

Thank you to Ghis for her knowledge and dedication to her soul.

She is a trail blazer for so many of us and has helped changed our lives for the better!

We are so grateful for your love for truth.

You can find more of her research & information like this on her webpage:

"The only solution was individual sovereignty; the supreme authority lies within and each is sovereign and idessic. I stopped fighting the authorities. I stopped trying to change the system, or the world for that matter. I stopped trying to play the role of a saviour. I learned to change myself and to obey my soul/conscience. I came to the conclusion that true idessity is inherent to us all as individuals. The original vibration which created the universe is within each person. I called it Idessa.”


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