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Do you LUV You?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

It sounds like a peculiar question, but is 1 of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. The World of Truth is inside each and everyone of us. We are each a Creative Spark, more powerful than any of us can even imagine! We have the original vibration of the universe deep within us. We have looked outside ourselves for it for years, but it has been inside us all along.

It is really up to us whether we start this Quest or not.

' Do you LUV yourself '? Most of us answer this question honestly, "no, why?" The reason we do not LUV ourselves is because we don't know ourselves. Our true Selves.

We have not taken the time to do the Inner work, the shadow work. The Inner Work is the 1 Great Work. It is when we begin to see ourselves Objectively (without emotion- like an outer perspective). We observe our judge (critic) inside of us and we quiet those negative voices. We give ourselves a deeper look, another look. We check in with ourselves. We shut off all the distractions in our lives. We stop following others. We start leading ourselves. We start to have Self-Respect for Ourselves. When we take this step inward we change our Lives forever. We gain a confidence you cannot put in words, because now we aren't giving our power away. No one can control us anymore. We find the answers within. We follow our inner knowing, our souls. When we LUV ourselves we make our own choices with what feels right in our own hearts and leave the rest.

We find ourselves asking ourselves the bigger Questions: Who are we, Why are we here & Where did we come from? We sense something is wrong, and we ask questions. We start understanding & over standing the True "I", because we start to dissolve our Ego- Attachments. If we don't LUV ourselves by knowing ourselves, we'll suffer a lifetime in false ego love. Love with Conditions. Love for everything outside ourselves (my friends, family, pets, plants). We wait for validation from our external environment at all times and we forget about us. We have not listened to ourselves but others around us and what they tell us is true and not true. When we do not LUV ourselves we never look at ourselves for advice.

When we LUV ourselves truly we see we have both dark sides and light sides and we express them both. With no shame. We take a deeper look into our wounds & triggers. Instead of burying all the pain & suffering we are enduring we start to have Compassion for ourselves. We address whatever comes our way so we can release it. We cannot release it until we face it.

We feel those feelings, we don't judge ourselves. This is when we release baggage that is no longer serving us. We start becoming honest with ourselves and how we truly feel and we then express it with others. We stop worrying about what other's will say or think of us and we finally can become ourselves. We start to truly Heal From the Inside Out. We finally dissolve our Fears by facing them.

Everything stems from Self! If we want to change the world we have to change ourselves. If we hurt others we also hurt ourselves. So we must become our Best Friend! We must accept ourselves. Then we can luv others unconditionally. When we LUV ourselves we do not need other's to like us, we like ourselves! Other's opinions of us don't matter, the opinions we have of ourselves is what matters. If anyone in this entire Universe deserves your LUV it is YOU (the one looking in the mirror).

We have all been taught to self identify with labels " I am a ....." When we know ourselves we wake up to the realization that the persona we've believed to be real isn't us at all. WE are One Infinite consciousness and One Luv living in the illusion of separation. We are interconnected Energy.1 BIG FAMILY, sparks that will eventually go back to the whole. We just forgot! This is True, luv for all Humanity.

To Truly Luv ourselves we need to dissolve our negative ego-attachment, forgive ourselves and balance the sacred feminine and sacred masculine aspects within each of us all! We are not what happened to us in the past, we can let things go once and for all. We start living in the NOW, and stop worrying about the future. It isn't an easy task to take a deeper look at ourselves and to truly Luv ourselves but it is the most crucial work we can do here! The LUV-A-LUTION is the Self-Work. It isn't the work outside ourselves but inside ourselves that will change this world.

When we truly LUV ourselves we start to know what Heart Based Intelligence is. We know in our hearts what the difference between right and wrong behavior is. We align our behaviors with this truth & we cause as little harm as possible to all sentient beings.

We feel connected to everything; bugs, birds, trees, humans, lakes, the ocean. All life is precious. When we live this way we feel whole in our hearts and we feel full of Energy! What makes us Human after all is the compassion we have for each other. We do not harm others, because we know we are also harming ourselves. Let's Harmonize ourselves! Connect to your inner child Today!

You are what you've been waiting for!

Give off your great light, but

also receive it! They are just as important!



This is the LUV-A-LUTION!

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