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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

LUVALUTION is the movement of taking our power back in all aspects of our lives. IN order to become the butterfly we must decide on an Individual Level whether we want to transform and truly follow our own deeper voice that is guiding us. We can all admit that something has to change on this planet! There is so much choas in the world! The answer is easy really. It is awakening to the fact that; You Do have the power! BUT, We MUST take responsibility for ourselves and give ourselves the LUV we need & deserve. We can't wait for others to fill our cups for us, this doesn't work! It is the inner-self work that can truly transform us. Why is there such a lack of LUV in the world? Because we forgot to LUV ourselves. Most of us LUV ourselves last. However, we cannot give to others what we do not have. There is more & more of what we want in the world, but what we really need is more LUV. Not the Romantic Love (lust), but the Fundamental SELF-LUV so we can LUV others too. It is what this world is lacking, if we are honest with ourselves! We can't give someone LUV, if we don't know how to LUV ourselves. LUVALUTION is doing what you LUV everyday & following your passion. LUVING yourself is about being the authentic you! We are all born unique yet die copies! Let's embrace our uniqueness and LEARN TO LUV ourselves truly. Unconditionally!





In order to bring balance to the world,

we must first bring balance within ourselves.

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