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40 Ways To LUV Thyself

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

1. Care for Truth

2. Apply Morality in one's life with Behaviors & Actions

3. Research/Learn

4. Question the Answers

5. Share Information with Others

6. Address whatever happened to you in the past (Escape Victimhood)

7. Not Caring what other's think about Oneself

8. Cease to Expect & You have everything

9. Forgive Thyself

10. Journal

11. Spend time in silence & stillness (meditation)

12. Listen to my Heart - Soul (Priority to Feminine Principle)

13. Let go of Shame & Guilt

14. Attitude of Gratitude

15. Hang with Animals

16. Start being honest with myself

17. Be in NATURE!

18. Play Music

19. Listen to Music

20. Sing & Dance

21. Go WITHIN!

22. Plant Food and enjoy the Abundance Mother Nature brings

23. Forage in the Woods

24. PLAY

25. Embrace Change (the uncomfortable unknown)

26. Dissolve Ego-Attachment (Separation from others)

27. BE Impeccable with your word to others & yourself

28. Tell yourself you are good enough whenever you get the chance

29. Know your true identity (Infinite awareness having a human experience)

30. Express your true Identity

31. Educate Morality (Natural Law)

32. Learn to Listen

33. Turn OFF the Mainstream Anything

34. Take one's Health Back

35. Say NO to external rule (Government)

36. Doing What is RIGHT (heart), not what is POPULAR (ego)

37. Speaking Truth no matter what (even if your voice shakes)

38. Eat To LIVE : Not sentient beings

39. Get back to the Inner Child that is inside us all

40. Have an Open Mind

Know Thyself to LUV Thyself to LUV Others

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