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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your SuperFood NON-GMO?

Absolutely! All our ingredients are NON - GMO. They are Natural & Organic.

Is your Supplement Gluten Free & Dairy Free?

Yes, it is both Gluten Free, Dairy Free as well as free of Dyes, Artificial Ingredients, Nuts, Coloring & Flavoring 

Is your Supplement Vegan & Vegetarian?

They are Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

Where does the Sea Moss come from?

The Irish Sea Moss is Wild crafted (not farmed) and is from the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Canada. Both of the seaweeds (Bladderwrack) are from the Atlantic Ocean in Canada.

Can Pregnant/Breastfeeding Mothers take our Supplements?

We suggest talking with your health care provider before taking any supplement when Breastfeeding or Pregnant.

Are these Supplements safe to take for children?

We suggest informing your health care provider before giving any supplements to your children. But our Superfood is intended for All Ages!

Are these Supplements for Men and Women?

Yes, both Men & Women can benefit from this product!

When and How should I take the Supplement?

For our SuperFood dietary Supplement, we suggest (2) capsules a day (AM or PM) with/after a meal with plenty of water. Another option is to take (1) capsule in the AM and (1) capsule in the PM. Or you can break open and add to a smoothie or favorite food (it has an ocean taste). Whichever way you find works best for you, we suggest being consistent when taking the supplement so you can have the most benefit. 

How long should I take the Supplement?

This blend has a cumulative effect which supports overall body function overtime.

To get the best results we suggest taking our Supplement continuously

Are your Supplements tested for pollution, parasites & other toxins? 

Yes! Our Supplement is tested for impurities in a FDA registered facility in the USA which includes a 3rd party for testing. Each ingredient has a Certificate of Analysis. 

Are there Fillers in your SuperFood?

There are no Fillers in our Super Food, Ever! We only use Organic Rice Hulls for DE-clumping purposes, this is necessary for this blend (Irish Sea Moss has a gelatin texture).

How can our customers contact us with further questions?

You can reach us at our business email anytime at or message us on our website!  We are happy to assist you with any questions you have. We're there for our customers!

Do you sell your Superfood anywhere else?

We sell LUV-A-LUTION Superfood solely on Ebay.

LUV Yourself to Health!

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